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[Previously posted on FaceBook on June 2010]

Again, I am out of Ghana and there are many counting how many more times will I be traveling. To others still, I must be rich. So also my think I am lucky. But for those who know…its a lot of head-ache which I must admit is worth enduring.

It begins with the visa – if its out of West Africa (if you do not know…once you are a West African and have a prove of nationality of anyone of the 15 states,. you do not need a visa. All you need is a passport, national ID and your ticket and if by road…just go!).

If its an EU visa you require, it may or many not be difficult but I know with the UK and US, O, mine! Just be ready to produce a heap of paperwork not to mention that, you may need to travel half the day to pay for your visa and spend another God knows how many hours to book an appointment. But that is for another discussion..

Mine this time started with the timing as we had some great gals and guys from Wharton School of Business helping to re-brand one of our programmes, while Araine Malawski – my friend, confidant and programmes coordinator had ended her contract with Abusua Foundation to begin a new life of marriage and “wife and familyhood”. We have 2 new staff that needed settling in, all these not withstanding I choose to go to Sweden because I was fully funded except for 200 Euro that I had to refund! I was too grateful to refuse that offer plus there was great opportunity to meet other great people doing big and small things that are contributing to making the world a better place.

So I got my visa on Monday at 11 am. Had a couple of meetings and then went back to pack. I left Accra Tuesday 1st and arrived in Sweden via Holland on Wednesday by 10 am and went straight to work till 12 midnight.
Day one was marvelous – we had great people from India, Liberia, Boston, Ireland, etc talk to us – to share, whip enthusiasm and to encourage. Follow what happened yesterday here: http://reworktheworld.org/

Today, participants are to go for a nature walk…I woke at 4 am and did my private walk and it meant a lot to me. During that walk, many things came to perspective. I have walked the long lonely walk of vision bearer, leader, father, friend, inspirer, motivator, and soon a married man. The list is long but for the first time none of these titles or roles scared me. I felt tears come to my eyes and I realised that this is not the time to “leave” or jump ship.

The last week has been even more traumatic for me as so-called “powerful” elders tried to soil my reputation by writing malicious emails to prospective funders. Thinking about it all on this Thursday morning in Leksand and accompanied my the sun, the birds, the brush and conversations of the wide, trees/leaves and bushes. I felt never than now did it matter more!

Its not that I am rich, neither that I am lucky for nothing is luck or easy. It takes hard work, commitment, purpose, tenacity, courage, stupidity (the times that I should quit that I refused to) and above all karma, fate and destiny (mixing and inter twinning) to bring me and Abusua Foundation this far. For those that are inspired, I can only tell you this is the beginning. For those that want to bring us down, you have only stirred the bees nest. We are moving on, one at a time..bringing change where we can and making our lives matter to society.

I want to leave the world and be noticed, missed and loved more than when I was born.

If you feel inspired, come rework the world with us! [http://reworktheworld.org/]

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