Moses Kanduri makes a case for a “New World Order”

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Over the years many dynamic leaders including Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, Nelson Mandela and Dr. Kofi Annan among others have called for harmonized efforts to empower the world youth. It is not surprising to see today that the youth are standing up for their rights. I share the Joy of the many youth who have already won their victories particularly in Tunisia and Egypt. This is the New World Other: A Youth Revolution.

Global Focus: African Prospective

The New world order has just immerged and leaders are beginning to get scared. Tunisia, Egypt, now Libya, Yamen and Sudan’s actions are a call on youth to duty. Young people must galvanize and create that platform to push for opportunities that will set a stage for better signals of hope for the future generation. These activities by young people are an unprecedented move towards creating the change that has been delayed – deeper democracy for all. As young people however, we need to be reminded that harmonization yields stronger results when properly managed. Around the world there have been good examples; harmonization among donors and harmonization in civil society has reduced duplication of efforts and encouraged holistic representation of diverse groupings.

It is important to acknowledge that young people around the world are actively participating and contributing to the development of their countries especially in Deeping the democracy of the world- positive examples can be seen from the on -going issues in Tunisia, Egypt and Sudan. However it also stands that there is inadequate representation and collective participation of the youth in major development process. This situation is basically attributed to the scattered front of the young people in the world. Efforts have been made to unify young people along various lines notably, as students, religious based organizations, and youth associations among others. However these efforts have witnessed considerable fragmentation leading to a scattered and undefined youth front through the intrusions of political leaders who of course do not have the young people at heart unless during elections. What we as young people do not know is that we make up 60% of the world’s total population and our ability to galvanize will mean that we will rule the world while the ‘older folks’ give us the support that is needed.

As young people we need to begin a discussion to build that HQ (I propose a world youth commission WYC) of world youth leaders where our grievances will be channeled through to our so call leaders. Am waiting to see what will happen in Zimbabwe, Venezuela and the likes whose leaders do not respect the globally accepted way of governance- Democracy. This commission will forms part of a global trend where young people themselves will formulate youth policies that respond to the changing conditions of young people in the 21st Century. While these policies by the youth for the youth speaks to the particular needs and circumstances of the world’s youth, it should place us within where we rightfully belong.

National Focus: Ghanaian Prospective

Young people’s contributions in Ghana are not entirely understood or maximized. Youth are making a difference as activists and leaders in community development and are the major key players in the political environment considering the fact that they constitute almost 55-60 percent of the voting population in Ghana. Yet there is an evident lack of inclusive participation and active engagement of and by young people in this important process of building Ghana’s developmental consciousness. It is unfortunate that over the years, avenues available for Ghanaian youth to participate in the nation’s decision making process or even campaign for good governance are either limited or simply not there.

It is obvious that, the vision of the youth of Ghana is a reflection of the vision of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah had many years ago. However, the challenge for the youth of Ghana today is how to push the frontiers of discussion to another level. The effectiveness of our strategies and tools should have a visible impact in our country (Ghana) and in different communities that makes up our society. Young people in Ghana need to be independent and live up to the total libration of our country. This is the only sure way that we can link the independence of Ghana to the total liberation of Africa as Dr. Nkrumah proclaimed.

There is an implicit awareness of how much poor quality of leadership has adversely affected Ghana’s youth efforts to develop to its full potentials and give to the people of Ghana the quality of life that they deserve. The irony is that Ghana was not initially devoid of effective leadership. What is particularly disturbing is that in spite of the terrible political and economic situations during the colonial or minority regimes, Ghana and many African countries had young and dynamic leaders who sacrificed their freedom for its emancipation. Their hope was that after independence those who took over power would continue to display the quality of mind and selflessness with which they tackled issues so that their descendants would be able to live comfortably.

Today, there are no longer youthful leaders in Ghana (It is sad that the leaders of various political parties are those who have taken the presidency as a retirement package) Over 60-80years old individuals determined to lead at all cost. These acts should be condemned at all levels and allow the youth to take their rightful place in leadership. “When discussions are made about their lives or their communities, young people should be there ready to contribute and not as an afterthought” (Hoover & Weisenbach)

Young people do not need government to teach us how to develop to our full potentials but rather, the governments needs the youth to guide the world’s development process through a sustainable partnership. This will ensure that all young people create their own opportunities and access other opportunities that will enable them to grow, develop and prosper as fully engaged, responsive and productive world’s majority citizens.

54 years of independence, it is time for the Ghanaian youth to be considered as instruments of change, considering their desires and capabilities in development-oriented initiatives. It is a fact that the energy in the country’s youth, which represents our nation, goes a long way to relate to the plight and problems of the people.

This is the time for Ghana’s youth to rise for our country, because the nation demands our devotion and let all unite to uphold her, and make her great and strong. We are all involved
in building our motherland! These were and are still the words of the Ghana Youth Anthem.

Young people need to learn from this and let’s take an action

Moses Kanduri

Global Youth Right Activist (Leader: New Ghana Youth for Governance Movement)

Alumni, Salzburg Global Seminar – Austria

International Legal & Policy Studies Student

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