Why Prime Minister Cameron must leave Africa Alone

UK Prime Minister David Cameron has vowed to cut aid to nations that persecute gays, but adds he doesn’t expect laws to change overnight, the BBC reported.

Cameron talked about the new initiative during an appearance on BBC One’s Andrew Marr Show.

Forty-one of the nations within the 54-member Commonwealth ban sex between consenting adults of the same sex. The countries instituted the laws while part of the British Empire.  According to http://ontopmag.com.

First, I want to say to my readers that I have no problem with anyone carrying the label LGBT. Indeed I have very close friends, family and associates that can be categorised as such.

Second, I have friends and family in the UK; some are resident and dual citizens. I do not write to attack individuals. My “beef” as they say is with the manner in which the British government thinks that it still holds colonial powers over States like Ghana.

Indeed the UK must wake up from its colonial hangover and realise that while they may be supporting African nations with aid, they do not have the right to talk to us as if we are students in college. We refuse to dance to this music!

If the UK government is feeling the heat of the economic depression and feels that dishing out money which in the last 30years they can not account adequately to their people is too much; they should find humane and reasonable ways to tell the rest of the world [and the British people] that supporting the so-called “third world’ is not an option any more.

Second, West Africa is growing slowly to accepting and democratically protecting a lot of rights that were not part of out culture. However, being global citizens have forced us to re-look our cercumstances and slowly are intigrating ourselves.

No one need to point to Mr. Cameron and his likes that it took over 50 years for the people of the United Kingdom to accept gays and lesbians. Same sex marriages will be put to the vote in 2015. In 1954 high profile cases involving the 3rd Baron Montagu of Beaulieu. This 1954 case was the turning point in the law on prostitution, homosexuality among other issues.

From that landmark case, the UK is yet to recognise same sex marriages; while they force Ghana and other countries to one day wake up to changes in their legal, political, cultural and social frameworks.

The Dutch- the most liberal people we are told are still structurally discriminating against LGBT – where the government is putting up a TV campaign to impress upon its people that they will have access to same marriage at the various city councils. Currently, some potential couples have turned up for marriage ceremonies only to find that there is no one to conduct the ceremony; perhaps a silent rebuff at the fact that there are people in the civil service that do not believe in same sex marriage.

Even in liberal Netherlands, people are still been lobbied to buy into same sax marriages and the whole issue of LGBT.

It is my believe that the Atta-Mills led government will not succumb to the pressure of aid being used as a bait. The President himself have showed conviction that Ghana as a country will cross the bridge of LGBT when we get to it.

It is up to the people to decide. Ghana has just concluded public hearings for a review of its constitution. Unfortunately, it is too late to smuggle a request though. Ghanaian LGBTs will have to wait for the next constitutional review or an appropriate time to lobby the people of Ghana that their case needs to be re-looked at. That is proper democracy not when we play carrot and stick or coerce people against their convictions.

I hope that as tolerant as Ghanaians are, we will not let the UK government push us. I hope that this act of instigation will not force some Ghanaians to harm LGBTs. LGBTs have a choice of how to express they sex needs, and therefore we do not have the right to discriminate against them.

In all things however, the greater good of our heritage is what we must look at. May be one day we will have the right environment to discuss openly gay and lesbian issues and find solutions to the differences that our nation faces.

Until then, I advise the No.10 Downing Street to wake from its stupor of colonial hangover and live in the civil world we aspire in the 21st Centry.

Again, no hate against people or individuals that have sexual preferences different from mine.

Good day!

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