Ghana: A New Era Beckons

This is not a tribute to Late President Mills. I believe in no such thing. A Man (and woman) should be appreciated and honoured while they live; not when they pass.

Tragedy hit Accra yesterday when President Mills died at the 37 Millitary Hospital, in Accra Ghana.

Social network FaceBook and Twitter were hot with tributes, expressions of shock, innuedoes and such. In hours, there were poster pictures of the late President every where.

I felt a little guilty because a few weeks ago, I dreamt about the President and some colleagues. In the dream I saw many things I can not write here but I did warn my colleagues’ one of whom had direct access to the President. Nothing came out of it. In fact the colleague asked “what were you thinking before going to bed?”. Looking back, that was stupid!

Fast forward, as per the constitutional requirement, the Vice President is sworn in by Parliament after parliament meets then the Vice President (now President) appoints a Vice and this person is ratified by Parliament.

In under 8hrs, after the death of President Mills, Ghana has a new President: His Excellency President John Dramani Mahama, former Vice President of the Republic.

Ghana under the late President Mills saw an improvement in transparency – even to the extent where the issues that came to public domain have been damaging. Case in point is the multiple “judgement” debts saga. Very popular is the “WoyomeGate” as it has come to be know. Simply, Mr. Alfred Woyome who calls himself a financier of the ruling NDC went to court to obtain damages against government running into nearly 55million dollars. In many instances across Africa, the state weill go all out to “kill” the issue. However, this case became a test case which have led to other court sanctioned payments that governments overtime have refused to pay; debts that have remained on the countries leger.

My insider information was that, President Mills then has not been in control to the extent that certain individuals have ursrped part(s) of the Presidents power. What this has led to is uncordinated statements, ad hoc press conferences resembling soviet/socialist student leadership politics and propaganda.

In that fraustration, a new but silent change makers have built a clout with the new President in the middle of it all. A new leadership or change makers that are quick to think, firm, straight forward and willing to take positive well thought through risks that have “the masses” at the centre. These are relatively younger politicians who have worked their way up and tired of a system that has failed its people.

Indeed the last 2years have increasingly proven that the old guard have lost control of the NDC party. Even in the opposition NPP, we have increasingly seen an renewed effort to bring younger party memebers to the fore. Younger director of communication, spokespersons and other party organs are led by young people. The story is not different for the ruling NDC. The challenge is the people in the Office of the President. They are remenants of AFRC/PNDC and NDC 1and 2 which have a deep cluctch within and outside of the seat of power. These click needs to be broken for the ‘Better Ghana’ to see the light of day.

Enter the demise of President Mills: while this may sound insensitive, this could be the silver lining in Ghana’s move towards socio-economic growth in real terms. Where real terms mean, change felt by the masses and not what World Bank statistics say.

Insider views are that President Mahama as Vice President is no-nonsense straightforward person who is able to stand to the power clout around the late President Mills.

My expectation is that many, if not all of that of those people in the office of the late President will be relieved of their positions and a new young talented team will be brought on board

The Awhoi’s, P.V Obengs, Awoonoor’s must be replaced as soon as possible for that new Ghana we seek to come to pass.

President Mahama should use this opportunity to look wide and far and bring home new talent. The ethnic, religious and other permutations that charaterise appointments must be eschewed or should not form the pillars of qualification. Proven record, delivery and quest for excellency must be the principles that a John Mahama government must posses.

If and as long as the old guards remain in power or close to power, Ghana’s vision for pepertually building a ‘Better Ghana’ will be a mirage.

This is not free ride to power for President Mahama; the hardest part of the work of late President Mill’s has just begun and optimists like me can only wish H.E President Mahama well.

God Bless our Homeland Ghana.

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