The Bo-Kenema Road….

Traveling out of Freetown is always exhilarating; it means leaving behind traffic, noise – caused by the many hundred impatient bike riders popularly called “Okada” and of course the commercial vehicle drivers. Leaving Freetown on the state bus also means little or no loud music for the length of the journey. You do not want to travel on the private commercial vehicles to anywhere – its loud music, continuous tooting of horns and expect to be squished on the seats.

My favourite part of traveling out of Freetown is the part between the city of Bo and Kenema. Once on the main Bo-Kenema road and you go past Kaila, Fengeun, crossed the Bebe Bridge- behold glorious landscape.

The trip from Bo to Kenema is a mere 42miles and highly maintained; road markings are clear and distinct – something missing in most parts of Freetown the capital. Indeed, there are few vehicles on the road. I could count a total of 15 vehicles and 5 motobikes running both ways the whole 42 miles.

I love particularly the vast green flat land with bridges everywhere signalling rivers, streams or brooks. I love that the land is dotted with palm and coconut trees.

You had the feeling of unspoilt nature – clean, clear and calming. I could point to countless prospective camp-sites. You felt freedom! Liberated! You feel natural – that feeling of being human, being alive; perhaps to take off your clothes!

From the village of Kpai to the village of Bandama , you had elegant hills covered with tall thick trees on both sides of the road. You felt small looking up to hills with the sun in your face and the sweet moring air swapping across your face. It’s all love…

As we branched off the main road into Kenema, you face the typical city road with potholes; and with the rains the night before, there are puddles everywhere with my driver doing what everyone was doing – taking the best spot on the road irrespective of oncoming traffic. It’s a game of swerving potholes, puddles, motorbikes and humans and the occasional livestock.

Still I love this part of Sierra Leone than Freetown!

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