African Elections=Violence

Africa’s disposition to juxtapose elections to violence is sickening. Sierra Leone holds elections and the main chorus is “Peace”; Ghana holds election and everyone says: “Peace”. What is wrong with us?

It stands as if an election without violence or drama in Africa is not an election.
In the case of Sierra Leone, more than a week passed before the losing party accepted defeat. The result of the elections in Ivory Coast was hundreds of people dying and a 3-month stand-off that has left a divided country and a former president languishing in an ICC jail.

In 2008 in Ghana, we had near chaos when both (then ruling) NPP and the (then opposition) NDC claimed to have won the election. It took a mediated agreement to take the election into a run-off.

Fast forward 2012 and we are have perfect re-play of the events from 2008; burning ballot boxes, party officials asking their members to converge on the offices of the Electoral Commission.

Must violence be the signature of African elections? Must Politicians disrespect the time their supporters and the state spends to hold elections for them and us (citizens) by forcing the citizens to spill blood or be destructive?

#Ghana deserves better. Africa deserves better!!

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