▶ Fuel Prices and Government by Sossah’s Ravings

Ghanaians pay 20% more on fuel from today. It is expected that trade unions and other employee unions will begin agitation for wage hikes. Following Ghana’s labour negotiation process over the last decade, one can expect  an economically confused Ghana in the next couple of months. The Mahama led administration like his predecessor the late President Mills have shown a gross incompetence in the last 2.5 months in government.

Given the fact that the Mahama is a continuation of the Mills legacy one would have a expected a show of quick and agile understanding of the issues that Ghana faces – but coming from a legacy which has shown lots of inconsistency and loot of the treasury I believe it is naive to expect more from Mr. John Dramani Mahama.

Enjoy the audio: ▶ Fuel Prices and Government by Sossah’s Ravings.


S. Eyram Tsike-Sossah holds Msc Political Science from the University of Amsterdam. He is the author of Youth and Local Governance: Youth Participation in Local Governance: Bringing Youth to Decision Making in Sierra Leone.

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