Publish what you Pay and what it means for African Governments; the curious case of Dan Etete

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Its no secret (Now) that Dan Ete , the Abacha Government’s Oil Minister currently being convicted for Money Laundering in France held secret dealings with Royal Dutch Shell and Italian Oil company Eni’s Officials. ‘Over chilled wine ‘ and Lavish meals they deliberated over the oil block OPL245 in 2011 . OPL245 has been the subject of controversy ever since it was awarded to Malabu in 1998, not least because Etete awarded the block to Malabu while Petroleum Minister of Nigeria.

(But) Etete is widely believed to control Malabu, although he has denied being Malabu’s owner, maintaining in court that he was employed by the company as a consultant only after he left office.Etete had requested some initial figures from Shell on what it was willing to pay Malabu for OPL245 ;this we know from an email that Global witness intercepted  and from the case High Court…

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