Another Triumph For Democracy in Ghana Ignored By Africa’s “Saviors”

Another Triumph For Democracy in Ghana Ignored By Africa’s “Saviors”.

Question is why does the Ghanaian or African want the “world” to celebrate her because of ONE case of success? What does that bring to the table? Would it help raise funds that will go towards buying big jeeps and four-wheels? Would it contribute to a list of jobs and titles reserved for only white skinned people with fat wages? Would it lead to contributions that become tax deductible to big corporations? Once the answer for each on of these questions remains “No” then there is no reason to celebrate to celebrate Africa.

The time is long overdue when Africa learns to appreciate and celebrate its own. When young people from Africa strive to achieve anything, it takes the West’s’ media to profile and bring the success of Africans to the “lime-light”. Until then, no African media house will celebrate another African. African media houses are happier to celebrate an African living in Europe or with a Westerns background than the guy that grew up among them.

Take the case of Professor Quaynor who is known as bringing internet to Africa. His story is profile by the CNN: Prof. Quaynor’s first company is based in Accra, Ghana. His company was the first to supply internet to the now high profile media house in Ghana – Multi-Media Group. Multi-Media is was established in 1995 and should be the one celebrating one of Africa’s icons. But no, it took CNN to do it for us, the a Multi-Media firm – JoyFM picks the news from far away United States!

If we will not sing the praises of our innovators and innovations, we will be left with people that want to sing our dirges.

Radio Ghana on shortwave (SW) frequency was THE news station to go across Africa before Kwame Nkrumah was removed from power. Forty years ago, Dr. Nkrumah understood the value of the African, telling their own stories, fighting their own causes and proving their mettle in league of nations. We lost that noble vision when the “saviours” removed Nkrumah. South Africa took on the mantle to provide a larger voice for Africa with the SABC. In the late 80’s I remember watching news and other programmes from the SABC but what do we have now? We are happier watching CNN, BBC and other media that spew information that is not in the interest of  the African. African broadcasters have refused to work together, share stories (or exchange stories). I am not aware of an Africa news exchange bureau – that would have been a fantastic way of creating a boiling of stories, news, and ideas.

We can not even work with our own polices and protocols at the regional levels. ECOWAS, SADC, ECCAS (Econimic Communicty of Central African States), AU, The Mano River Union and the host of the do not have a plan of marketing African Success Stories; and they al depend on the “West” to survive!

And we want to be taken seriously? And of course, it takes another “savior” to ask the rest of the “saviors” why the Ghana story is not on the worlds’ radar.

I say thank you, but we do not deserve to be on the worlds’ radar because we have chosen more than once to remain the “after thought” of the world. On social media – twitter, facebook, etc, we (Africans) set to push and amplify all things that are not African and offer no amplification of the things that concern us most.


By the way, did anyone hear recently that 2,500 students who sat for university entrance exams in Liberia all FAILED their exams? Who reported the news outside Liberia? Yes, BBC and Al-Jazeera not an African Regional News Channel or newspaper.

So please Africa and Ghana in particular, get over yourselves, you are not as important as you think you are to be “praised” by your “saviours”.


S. Eyram Tsike-Sossah holds Msc Political Science from the University of Amsterdam. He is the author of Youth and Local Governance: Youth Participation in Local Governance: Bringing Youth to Decision Making in Sierra Leone

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