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End of October and unto November the traditional Dutch media and social media become agog with the discussion about “Zwarte Piet” (I will not discuss the details here – the link and the writer have done a good job of what it is).

As a black person in The Netherlands, I find it amusing given the fact that it seems Dutch people (especially the “young generation” feel this is a case of racism) only remember the sad part of their history during this period.

Each day there is a sad repeat of racist attitude – most of it unconscious. My famous examples are when women in the street hug their bags ever closely when approaching a “dark skinned” person. I have experienced this so many times, now, it is a game for me to see if they hug their bags or not; of how tight they hug it.

My second favourite example is the tight uncomfortable smile in the elevator… Then there is the extra scrutiny of your money if you are paying with big bills…I have a 100 more such instances but these three suffices.

Now I let the author speak:

To quote the author:

“What happened there could be summarised in the following terms:

(1) All the women had to state that they were men.

(2) All the men had to state that they were someone who they were not.

(3) We all had to state that we were of German blood. Saying that one is of German blood is something most Germans would avoid saying. German blood is something that people associate with the Blut und Boden ideology. It is difficult to decide whether singing this passage is more absurd for us who were white (and could possibly have some German blood to sing about) or for the non-whites.

(4) We all had to say that we were loyal to the authorities of another country.

(5) We all had to ask God to enable us to remain pious.

Based on this, one may claim that the Dutch state is actively promoting and imposing (1) female-to-male transsexualism, (2) identity theft, (3) claiming German ancestry, (4) Spanish national interests and (5) some unspecified monotheist religion.”

Enjoy the full piece here: Zwarte Piet: Just the Right Amount of Discomfort – DutchReview.

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