Powering Liberia through Generator Sets

This is a project #SPARK in Liberia can take up or add to its portfolio

Sossah's Ravings

Monrovia, Liberia June 2013. I arrived in the capital of one of the beautiful cities on west coast of Africa. I had previously visited Monrovia and was making my second and perhaps most important trip. I came to launch ACIPP West Africa, the organisation I work for. My house was in Paynesville, a suburb in the east of Monrovia. In Paynesville, you could pin-point my accommodation to “Lone Star Gas Station”.  My first night was without electricity – not that I had a problem not having power but I understood that after more than 30-years of “small” and “big” conflicts, Liberia was a country where the most “taken for granted” things are luxury. Electric cables and poles do not exist; indeed, during the Charles Taylor war as they like to refer to it soldiers and rebels alike just threw grenades into the dam and destroyed transmission lines; some just…

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