Thoughts on Suicide – Facebook Challenge 2/23/14

Quite dark…makes me not want to think about it.


Some context here: in an attempt to hone my skills as a writer and maybe, just maybe, make a career out of this hobby of mine one day, I decided to create a challenge for myself. I asked friends and acquaintances on Facebook to post topics, any topic, that they’d like me to write about and I would randomly choose a topic and attempt to produce something readable. Out of the 20 or so responses I received, I wrote them all down on a slip of paper, jumbled them up, and picked three. Out of those three, I chose the topic I would write on, and that topic was “Suicide.” With that context in mind, I present my ramblings below.


Take a random group of Americans and ask them their thoughts on suicide. The first word that will inevitably pop up is the word “selfish.” It’s selfish to make…

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