A Critical Review of the European Agenda on Migration for Third Countries and Key Considerations for Africa

A brief synopsis for the agenda:

With increasing numbers of refugees overwhelming European borders, the EU decided to put in place a strategy to ensure that lives are saved, rates of return to countries of origin are increased and migrants and refugees stay close to home and avoid taking dangerous journeys. Key targets to be achieved in this strategy include working with partners to improve the legislative and institutional framework for migration, assistance in capacity building on border and migration management, encouragement for voluntary return and support for reintegration and stemming of irregular flows while offering legal migration channels.

Key to the success of this strategy and realisation of the agenda is third countries – who will receive the financial, logistical and technical support to manage the refugee flows and implement the activities to realise the targets and objectives. A total EUR 1.88bn has been dedicated through the EU Trust Fund for Africa with EUR 750m already pegged to projects aimed at creating jobs, and resilience in the horn of Africa. Turkey’s Facility for Refugees has EUR 3 billion dedicated towards immediate and structural support to stem the flow of refugees for the FY 2016/2017.

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