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O’Seun ODEWALE writes about Nigeria’s Ministry of Solid Minerals Development and their efforts are improving communication, the work of the ministry and the ministry’s key work: “Roadmap for the Growth and Development of the Nigerian Mining Industry – On The Road to Shared Mining Prosperity”.

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Muslims Call to Worship: A Believers’ Perspective On wearing of hijab and morning devotion in schools.

One tends to come from a measured approach on such matters for obvious reasons. By way of disclosure, I am not neutral on this subject. There are matters on which we tend to hold views in a particular way. Some of those views we share publicly, others we share them privately and yet some we […]

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IMANI Alert: Outstanding Issues re President’s Mahama 2013 State of the Nation Address and Business Ideas for him in 2014

Ahead of President Mahama’s 2014 State of the Nation Address to be delivered next Tuesday (25th February), we take a look back at what he said in 2013 and how much of his key messages and milestones have been realized.

A list of the expectations were:

‘putting the needs of the people first’ featured in President Mahama’s 2013 State of the Nation address which he planned to achieve by increasing access to healthcare, tackle HIV/AIDS, provide assistance in the development of sports among the youth, and launch a GHS 10 million Youth and Enterprise Development Fund to support entrepreneurship.
he stated he would build a robust economy through the modernization of the agriculture sector, assist local manufacturers to become competitive on the global market by reviewing the tax structure, improve the yield of cocoa by introducing hi-tech systems and also assist the tourism sector by funding activities such as the creative arts.
Infrastructural development also featured to be pursued through the expansion of roads, railways and housing among others.

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“Our definition of the middle class… has to do with the ability to mask poverty:” Aesthetics, Statistics, and the Debate Around Ghana’s Middle Class

Guest Blogger: Joeva Rock Recent conversations around Ghana’s growing middle class have elicited excitement, despite the lack of agreement over a definition of what makes the group. For a country with socialist roots, the emergence (or perception) of a class system is at times controversial. While there is no doubt that class stratification persists in Ghana, […]

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KLM &You: Conquering the Dark Continent Since 2013 | My Thoughts Were So Loud I Couldn’t Hear My Mouth

KLM &You: Conquering the Dark Continent Since 2013 | My Thoughts Were So Loud I Couldn’t Hear My Mouth.

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OWS Young Girl HAS MORAL Silences the UN 1992 Brazil

Does not look like much has changed in the way we do business since 1992… OWS Young Girl HAS MORAL Silences the UN 1992 Brazil – YouTube.

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Cyber blackout imminent as Nigeria’s Internet addresses run out

Originally posted on Kabura Zakama Randomised:
Nigerian internet users will soon be restricted from accessing the World Wide Web (www) because the Internet Protocol 4 (IPv4) on which most connectivity in the country are run is on the verge of extinction, according to a report. This worrying development can disrupt economic activities in the country…

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