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Job Opportunities – Sierra Leone


Marie Stopes Sierra Leone seeks to fill three (3) positions in its programming in Freetown, North East and South East Regions.

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Sierra Leone’s New Constitution


the abridged draft report (2016) has been produced to highlight the major recommendations from the CRC, for further consideration and validation by the people. Issues are sequenced into thematic areas that have been looked at during the two years inclusive process

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Originally posted on comradeabotsi:
I had initially promised and drafted an opinion piece on the brouhaha over the Voters’ Register in Ghana but shelved it when I realized that other well-meaning citizens shared the same views. For me, there was no need belabouring the point if others were speaking from the same page. However, it…

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Emerging Markets Economic Events: Guiding Ghana to Economic Recovery: Plans, Implementation and Prospects

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Originally posted on Anang Tawiah:
When:  12 Aug 2015 – 12:00 to 13:00 Where:  Chatham House, LondonAfrica Programme, Economic Growth and Investment ParticipantsHon Seth Terkper, Minister of Finance, Ghana Chair: Mark Simmonds MP, UK Africa Minister (2012-14) Register interest Overview Following the introduction of an IMF-supported programme aimed at supporting reforms towards faster growth and…

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Originally posted on Anang Tawiah:
This article simply seeks to explore the nature and reasons, behind the current Ghana Cedi appreciation against the US Dollar and its potential impacts on the Ghanaian economy and its citizens. Second Tranche of the IMF Balance of Payment Support: The Ghana government recently passed the first review of the…

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Commodity Analysis Report: The Ghana 2014-2015 Cocoa Main Crop Failure, the Possible Causes and Potential Impacts to the Global Cocoa Commodity Markets..

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Originally posted on Anang Tawiah:
Ghana 2014-2015 Cocoa Main Crop failure, Possible Causes/Reasons and Possible Solutions…     Brief history of Cocoa in Ghana Cocoa originated from around the headwaters of the Amazon in South America. Its cultivation and value spread in ancient times throughout the Central and Eastern Amazonian region and northwards into Central…

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How 2 Gay Men Live in a Country Where Homosexuality Is Illegal

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Originally posted on TIME:
Some 37 African countries criminalize homosexual relationships, with penalties ranging from misdemeanors to death sentences, according to a Human Rights Campaign Foundation and Human Rights First report released Tuesday. The report, which analyzed LGBT rights in 54 African countries in total, paints a picture of a continent in crisis. In Ghana,…

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In Ebola’s Wake: The Case for Social Workers Without Borders

Sierra Leone

We have Engineers without Borders founded in the 1980 around engineers – building roads, bridges, etc. There are over 30 organisations built around issues or professions suggesting a “without borders” title ranging from Doctors, Bikers, Advocates (Lawyers), and Sociologists to Evangelists without Borders!

Perhaps it is time to have a standing army of social workers – Social Workers without Borders!

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Ebola in Liberia and Sierra Leone: World Bank reports point to declines in employment, food insecurity, and long-term welfare concerns

The least talked about issues post ebola and during the crisis have remained employment. Both Liberia and Sierra Leone have more than 50% unemployment rates. With ebola, it is feared this number may have climbed to 70% or more.

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