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O’Seun ODEWALE writes about Nigeria’s Ministry of Solid Minerals Development and their efforts are improving communication, the work of the ministry and the ministry’s key work: “Roadmap for the Growth and Development of the Nigerian Mining Industry – On The Road to Shared Mining Prosperity”.

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A Critical Review of the European Agenda on Migration for Third Countries and Key Considerations for Africa

With increasing numbers of refugees overwhelming European borders, the EU decided to put in place a strategy to ensure that lives are saved, rates of return to countries of origin are increased and migrants and refugees stay close to home and avoid taking dangerous journeys. Key targets to be achieved in this strategy include working with partners to improve the legislative and institutional framework for migration, assistance in capacity building on border and migration management, encouragement for voluntary return and support for reintegration and stemming of irregular flows while offering legal migration channels. 93/2836 words.

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#MayOpportunities: Jobs/PhDs


New Opportunities for May: Two Phds and Project Manager position in Ghana.

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Job Opportunities – Sierra Leone


Marie Stopes Sierra Leone seeks to fill three (3) positions in its programming in Freetown, North East and South East Regions.

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Ebola=System Failure: Why A Grassroots Response is Necessary


Ebola has deepened poverty in Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia. Human rights were abused; many rights were taken back by the state. The social, political, economy and the cultural spaces have been affected and changed in many ways.
Tsike-Sossah Simon shows how systems have failed in those countries affected by Ebola.

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Why Sierra Leone Plummeted 10 years after Peace

Short Background In the last 12 months, the world has come hear more about Sierra Leone this time not about war but about Ebola. Between 1991-2002 Sierra Leone was in the for its brutal civil war. Later, it was it’s success in coming to peace. Elections were held and some resemblance of stability was recorded. Mr […]

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Freetown: 14 Military personnel face tribunal for alleged mutiny: Fair Trial Rights Compromised?

In August 2013, the Sierra Leone Police arrested 18 personnel of the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces (RSLAF) on suspicion that they were planning to mutiny against the Government of Sierra Leone. The personnel, including Private Momoh Kargbo, Warrant Officer Federick Johnson, Private Abdulai Coker Suma, Corporal Momoh Conteh, Private Alpha Mansaray,Corporal Alex Jibao Koroma, Private Mustapha Quee, […]

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The LGBT-Q debate: Where is our sovereignty?

The posturing adopted by African and Western Gay Rights activists only serves to make increasingly vulnerable the personal safety of the people they claim to want to protect. I am yet to see anyone that is gay, stays within the law, does not go flouting the rules (knowing that until the law is revised he is in the wrong) being lynched and or haunted.

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Ghanaian digital health enthusiast named under ‘Forbes 30 Most Promising Young Entrepreneurs In Africa 2014″ | Ghana Health Nest

With a weakening economy, hight youth unemployment and general governance problems, is the digital domain the place Ghana and the rest of West Africa be looking into? Ghanaian digital health enthusiast named under ‘Forbes 30 Most Promising Young Entrepreneurs In Africa 2014″ | Ghana Health Nest.

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Another Triumph For Democracy in Ghana Ignored By Africa’s “Saviors”

Another Triumph For Democracy in Ghana Ignored By Africa’s “Saviors”. Question is why does the Ghanaian or African want the “world” to celebrate her because of ONE case of success? What does that bring to the table? Would it help raise funds that will go towards buying big jeeps and four-wheels? Would it contribute to […]

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