Consulting Opportunity: Sierra Leone

Terms of Reference for EVD safety review and training BBC Media Action Sierra Leone

Date of assignment: December 2014/January 2015

Purpose: to support BBC Media Action to strengthen its existing EVD related safety and security systems that cover the staff and operations of the BBC Media Action office in Sierra Leone

The Work: In order to ensure the safety of all national and international staff, the country office needs to conduct a short review of what is in place and provide staff training to strengthen these systems. In order to ensure that the work is appropriate to BBC Media Action’s specific activities in Sierra Leone, and well-connected within local networks and EVD response mechanisms, the country office is looking for a suitably experienced consulting firm based in Freetown to deliver this work.

BBC Media Action is contributing to the Ebola response in Sierra Leone through national radio broadcasts and support to local partner radio stations. As part of its operations in Sierra Leone, BBC Media Action has developed a range of risk assessment (RA) documents. These are as follows;

  • Standing RA for the country office, based on standard BBC High Risk template, and including the following annexes
    • Staff security details
    • EVD security plan (business continuity)
    • Activity-specific RAs for Production, Training, Research
    • EVD scenario planning
    • BBC wide EVD briefing
    • Kerry Town access
  • Specific travel risk assessments for all international staff travelling to Freetown, and all journeys outside of Freetown peninsula.

All BBC Media Action activities are covered by the BBC High Risk Team based in London. The consultant is expected to deliver the following elements of work over 5 days:

  • Review risk assessment documentation (1 day)
    • Including all documents mentioned above
  • Conduct site visit and review of actual systems in place (1 day)
    • Template and approval process for in-country travel RAs
    • Security/safety communications in all emergency situations, including telephone tree, medical treatment (national staff and medevac), civil unrest
    • Business continuity plans as per country security plan,
    • Scenario planning (EVD and all other risks)
  • Write short report with recommendations (1 day)
    • To be shared with country team, BBC Media Action UK and BBC High Risk
    • Follow-up discussions to feed into training work
  • Design and deliver staff training sessions (1 day’s preparation and 2 half days delivery)
    • Design of appropriate training materials
    • Short session with management to go through specific responsibilities in support of security systems and protocols
    • Half day with whole country team to cover
      • Awareness on EVD safety
      • Run a couple of scenarios

Terms, Conditions, Outputs


This piece of work is subject to BBC procurement rules. Interested consultants should respond to this ToR with a detailed quotation and relevant supporting documentation by Wednesday 10th December close of business. Please submit this by email to:rebecca.wood2@bbc.co.uk


The work outlined above is expected to be delivered over a total of not more than 5 days.


A short report will be required which will be shared the BBC Media Action regional team as well as BBC High Risk. If required discuss recommendations with Country Director and/or BBC High Risk representatives.


The consultant will be responsible for travel within Freetown, to/from the office site. No other travel is envisaged.


Staff training will take place in the country office. A projector and screen is available. BBC Media Action will provide lunch for the all staff session.


Consultant is responsible for their own IT equipment, licenses, etc. Any specific training equipment (visual aids and so on) are to be provided by the consultant. Anything else needs to be discussed in advance with the Country Director.


Consultant is expected to be properly registered in Sierra Leone and provide insurance, etc, for its own staff. More detail on this is will be provided in the contractual terms of trade.

Editor’s Note: By publishing this opportunity I am in no way endorsing it, neither do I benefit in anyway whatsoever. Please all enquiries should be directed to the contact in this post. I will not respond to any emails directly related to this post

The author: Tsike-Sossah is the Director of ACIPP West Africa and the lead consultant of ACIPP Consulting. Views expressed here are solely my personal views and do not reflect the views of my employers.

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