5 Things Sierra Leone and Liberia should Be Doing Post Ebola

While the fight against Ebola is being won, the West African region including the affected countries cannot continue to do things as usual.

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In Ebola’s Wake: The Case for Social Workers Without Borders

We have Engineers without Borders founded in the 1980 around engineers – building roads, bridges, etc. There are over 30 organisations built around issues or professions suggesting a “without borders” title ranging from Doctors, Bikers, Advocates (Lawyers), and Sociologists to Evangelists without Borders!

Perhaps it is time to have a standing army of social workers – Social Workers without Borders!

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IMANI Alert: Outstanding Issues re President’s Mahama 2013 State of the Nation Address and Business Ideas for him in 2014

Ahead of President Mahama’s 2014 State of the Nation Address to be delivered next Tuesday (25th February), we take a look back at what he said in 2013 and how much of his key messages and milestones have been realized.

A list of the expectations were:

‘putting the needs of the people first’ featured in President Mahama’s 2013 State of the Nation address which he planned to achieve by increasing access to healthcare, tackle HIV/AIDS, provide assistance in the development of sports among the youth, and launch a GHS 10 million Youth and Enterprise Development Fund to support entrepreneurship.
he stated he would build a robust economy through the modernization of the agriculture sector, assist local manufacturers to become competitive on the global market by reviewing the tax structure, improve the yield of cocoa by introducing hi-tech systems and also assist the tourism sector by funding activities such as the creative arts.
Infrastructural development also featured to be pursued through the expansion of roads, railways and housing among others.

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Of Corruption in Ghana: The GYEEDA Report

Corruption in Ghana has over the last 6years become part of the daily conversation across the country. In July 2013, the people of Ghana woke to the stink in at the Ghana Youth Employment and Entrepreneurial Agency (GYEEDA). A report (attached) shows how public funds are being mis-managed across board in the NDC led government.

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