Ebola=System Failure: Why A Grassroots Response is Necessary

Ebola has deepened poverty in Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia. Human rights were abused; many rights were taken back by the state. The social, political, economy and the cultural spaces have been affected and changed in many ways.
Tsike-Sossah Simon shows how systems have failed in those countries affected by Ebola.

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Freetown: 14 Military personnel face tribunal for alleged mutiny: Fair Trial Rights Compromised?

In August 2013, the Sierra Leone Police arrested 18 personnel of the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces (RSLAF) on suspicion that they were planning to mutiny against the Government of Sierra Leone. The personnel, including Private Momoh Kargbo, Warrant Officer Federick Johnson, Private Abdulai Coker Suma, Corporal Momoh Conteh, Private Alpha Mansaray,Corporal Alex Jibao Koroma, Private Mustapha Quee, […]

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African Elections=Violence

Africa’s disposition to juxtapose elections to violence is sickening. Sierra Leone holds elections and the main chorus is “Peace”; Ghana holds election and everyone says: “Peace”. What is wrong with us? It stands as if an election without violence or drama in Africa is not an election.In the case of Sierra Leone, more than a […]

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