Youth and Civic Engagement: Another Rhetoric, Another IYD

The youth participation rhetoric must stop and real action for and by young people should not need an encouragement – it MUST become the gold standard – the “youth-barometer” for development.

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Sierra Leone: No Touching, No handshaking – Ebola; Stealing Our Humanity

For the first time in four years, I was apprehensive to travel. My spirit was disturbed. I was worried about many things travelling to Freetown after I am a believer in fate and destiny shaping my life.

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In Ebola’s Wake: The Case for Social Workers Without Borders

We have Engineers without Borders founded in the 1980 around engineers – building roads, bridges, etc. There are over 30 organisations built around issues or professions suggesting a “without borders” title ranging from Doctors, Bikers, Advocates (Lawyers), and Sociologists to Evangelists without Borders!

Perhaps it is time to have a standing army of social workers – Social Workers without Borders!

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EBOLA Corruption Indictments in Sierra Leone

CARL Welcomes Latest Acc Indictments; Urges More Action Against Corruption Friday 19th December 2014: The Center for Accountability and Rule of Law (CARL) commends the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) for its efforts at combating corruption in Sierra Leone. In particular, CARL welcomes the recent indictments by the Commission of some public officials for various acts of […]

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CARL Calls for the Prosecution of former mercenary in the Sierra Leone Civil Conflict

Press Release from Centre for Accountability and Rule of Law (CARL), Sierra Leone: Press releaseContact: Ibrahim Tommy, Executive Director, CARL0023276 365 499 CARL Calls for the Prosecution of former mercenary in the Sierra Leone Civil ConflictFreetown, June 13 2012 – The Centre for Accountability and Rule of Law (CARL) today urged the Sierra Leone Government […]

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